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This is an easy out.

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The Uplift Chair

The first chair that makes it easier to sit and stand that's lightweight, functional, and doesn't require electricity. Designed for individuals who need strength and mobility support, this chair makes it easy to get up and get going!

How it works

Uplift's flagship product, the Uplift chair, uses proprietary technology that supports users through the sitting and standing motion.

The lifting mechanism in the Uplift chair utilizes four gas pumps that simultaneously adjust seat height and angle to support the user to sit down with ease and stand up with confidence.

Uplift does not use electricity, so it doesn't need to be plugged in to the wall

Uplift is an attractive desk or dining chair, it won't take up space or stand out as an eyesore

Faux leather upholstery and steel frame makes Uplift easy to clean and care for, simply wipe it clean

How it works
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Gas pumps gently lift and lower you without the use of electricity allowing you to use your chair anywhere


Sleek aluminum surface that makes your chair easy to move from any location 

Uplift Chair

Our Team

We believe people should have functional furniture that supports their needs. Uplift is dedicated to creating products that allow individuals to live independently in their homes.


Our all-star team is comprised of an architect, product designer, engineer, artists, and business professionals. With our powers combined we make up the Uplift team!

Our Team

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